Owning your social interactions

I'm Amy Guy, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh (supervised by Professor Ewan Klein).

I'm studying how people present themselves and engage in social interactions on the Web. You're probably here because I, or someone you know, suggested you'd be a good candidate for my next study! I'm interviewing people who build social software for their own personal use, for example their own personal websites, and use this as focal points for their online identity (or identities), to express themselves, and to communicate with others. This is not an interview about technologies (although we may touch on that if you're interested in talking about it), but the real focus is on your day-to-day use of and feelings about online social systems, both those you've made yourself and third-party services.

If you'd like to take part, please read the following information, and fill in the form below.

If you have any questions about the process, your eligability to take part, or this consent form, feel free to get in touch with me before you sign up.

. Dates refer to June 2016.

I'll be in touch with you to schedule a more specific time and place for your interview. You'll get your $15 voucher for participating by the end of July. Thanks for offering to help me out!